17 September, 2007

15 Sept. Handout: The Principles of Organic Gardening

1. The garden is its own ecosystem - strive to work within nature, including the following…

2. Diversity - not monoculture, try to have a variety of species – and try to keep something in bloom year round

3. Right plant; right place - plant at the proper time, in the proper place, shade plants in shade; full sun plants in full sun

4. Feed the soil - not the plant; increase soil’s fertility as an ecosystem, not simply as something to keep your plants from blowing away!

5. Work with nature - don’t “declare war” on pests, try to understand their needs and cycles and deal with them appropriately – remember that a garden with the most insects probably has the least insect damage.

6. Recycle/Compost - “To everything there is a season, Turn Turn Turn” - the compost pile

7. Knowledge - research resources, they’re everywhere, i.e. magazines, retailers (catalogs and brochures), societies and clubs, TV shows, books, other gardeners, and the internet!

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