10 March, 2008

Next Two Classes: What Haven't You Learned Yet?

My contract with all my students is that I teach them things they need or want to know. In the context of plant propagation, if I have not taught you what you want to know, please email me at once and I will endeavor to cover it to your satisfaction in the next two class meetings.

For this coming Saturday, it is my intention to lecture/demonstrate for about 1.5 hours on home tissue culture. I will then take 30 minutes to an hour to cover anything I haven't gotten to that you want me to. You will have ample time then to practice 'home' tissue culture. If you have grafting/budding or any other propagation to do, you will have to complete it this Saturday as we are off Theodore Payne for our last class meeting on the 22nd! (I'm willing to carpool again on our field trip if anyone is interested.)

You should be pretty much ready to turn in a COMPLETED checklist with all your finished projects ticked off. Grading for this class is from a completed checklist and your participation in class. Sometimes a student's attitude will be reflected in a grade, but if that happened with this class it would only serve to raise it! Other than the attempted finger amputation, you guys are great!

So... email me your requests - and please, do it sooner than later so I can work up a more comprehensive lecture. Also, remember this is the Mayor's Day of Service and there will be lots of activity around us. We shall remain the calm in the eye of the storm and continue on with class.


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