29 May, 2008

Grades Posted

To the Sustainable Gardens Class,

That went by rather quickly, didn't it? I want to thank all of your for your involvement in the course - I loved the diversity and the dedication of this class! You can count yourselves among the most enthusiastic students I've had the chance to be with in my five years at Extension.

Your papers were wonderful and informative; they revealed your dedication and passion for this topic and were a pleasure to read. It was my honor to have been the one in front of the class - it is intimidating to have been called 'your instructor.'

Some of you did not turn in papers. I gave you an "I" for an incomplete. This will lapse into an "F" at some time in the future if it is not corrected. Please contact me to arrange completion; I would hate to see the work you've done so far go for naught.

Please come by the Garden and say hi one fine day - don't miss the fourth of July ice cream social at 2:00 PM, held on the actual day of the Fourth of July. We ask for a donation to the Garden to defray ice cream making supplies, but you will be treated with home made ice cream using the flavors of the Garden. No guarantee of what we'll have this year, but last year we had a fabulous plum sorbet, apple-cinnamon, lavender -honey, and rose petal ice creams to delight! A number of folks bring cobblers or pies so it's a real sugar high from which you can go watch fireworks in the evening (after a nap maybe...).

Next term I'm doing gardens in pots and in Fall, look for Gardens for Gourmets held at The Learning Garden!

Thank you again. I hope our garden paths cross again soon.


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