24 September, 2008

Gardens for Gourmets: Syllabus

Please note change in the point structure in this syllabus since it was handed out on September 21st!

Course Number: BIOLOGY X 498.6

Instructor: David King
>>phone number redacted<<

I am at The Learning Garden reliably from 10 to 5, Tuesday through Friday and 1:00 to 5, Saturday and Sunday.

There are no prerequisites for this course, although some experience with gardening will prove useful.

All classes will meet at The Learning Garden on the Venice High School campus where it can be hot and cold by turns – but reliably MUCH COOLER than other parts of Los Angeles. For your own comfort, please bring a sweater or coat to every class meeting. We will have access to a classroom for any possible rain events; class will meet regardless of the weather.

Today, gorgeous vegetables, fruits, and herbs from all over the world are available to the contemporary gardener. Explore how a rich variety of food plants can add dashing color and evocative foliage to your garden. We will learn when, how, and what to plant as well as all facets of plant care---from pest control and fertilization to proper pruning. Students will learn tips on choosing from the cornucopia of food plants at their peak of freshness to enhance a garden design in inspired and unexpected ways. Students help create garden beds that show the possibilities discussed in class. While not a cooking course, the instructor also shares recipes and encourages students to bring in their own harvests, so students can cook what they grow.

Textbook Required:
Title Sunset Western Garden Book
Author Brenzel, Kathleen Norris (Editor)
Edition Feb. 2007
Publisher Sunset Books
ISBN 978-0376039170

Textbooks, Recommended:
Title The Kitchen Garden
Author Thompson, Sylvia
Edition First
Publisher Bantam Books
ISBN 0-553-08138-1
*(She has a companion cookbook that is worth investigation too!)

Title Heirloom Vegetable Gardening
Author Weaver, William Woys
Edition First
Publisher Henry Holt
ISBN 0-8050-4025-0

Title Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs: An Integrated Pest Management Guide
Author Dreistadt, Steve H.
Edition 2nd
Publisher Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources
ISBN 978-1879906617

There will be no assigned reading from these books, however, as references, they will prove invaluable to any serious student in this field. There will be bibliographies describing other books as the quarter progresses, I am a ferocious reader and not at all shy about suggesting books I like.

Course Schedule:
21 September, 2008 Introduction/Garden Tour/ Garden journal/ garden layout/tools/seed starting/care of seedlings
28 September, 2008 Soil/Soil Preparation/Use of compost and mulch/planting skills
05 October, 2008 Garden design and Planting Schedules
12 October, 2008 Sub-tropicals for foliage and food/composting
19 October, 2008 Supplies/Sources/Annuals
26 October, 2008 Annuals Continued
02 November, 2008 Perennials/Bulbs {mycology}
09 November, 2008 Trees/Vines
16 November, 2008 Irrigation/maintenance
23 November, 2008 Wrap Up
(Syllabus may be changed liberally as needed to reflect reality.)

Point Assignment Structure

Class participation 30
Journal 30*
Planting Project 40*


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