04 October, 2008

Gardens For Gourmets: PARKING Etc

The Learning Garden took delivery on two loads of tree chips last week which effectively removed a lot of car park space in our little drive. We attempted to secure a promise from Venice High School that GFG students could park in the VHS lots without threat of being locked in but such assurance was not forthcoming: we did not get a return call from VHS administrators and so cannot guarantee that they will not lock the gates before 5:00 PM.

Therefore, parking this week will be much more difficult than last week. I encourage you to arrive earlier than last week and seek street parking on Walgrove or Venice Blvd.

By next week, we hope we will have secured more parking for us. Extension pays the Unified School District a lot of money to hold classes here and one of the reasons for these fees is to pay for onsite maintenance and security - hopefully, we'll be able to secure some cooperation here at the campus, so suffer, please, with dignity this week, and hope for a better result by next Sunday.

Also, do dress to accommodate cooler weather this weekend. It is quite cool today and I expect tomorrow to be only slightly warmer.


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