24 January, 2009

More On Seeds

Direct seeding is putting the seeds directly in the garden where they will grow - sometimes this is the best way to plant seeds, sometimes it's the only way. It does subject the seed and the seedling to the possibility of being eaten while still very young.

Visit Sharon Astyk's article at Hen and Harvest to read Where to buy your seeds, and where not to. A good article that I highly recommend.

If you want to avoid Seminis Products, go to their page and find out who NOT to buy from.

We will cover why to avoid Seminis in class.

Seed Savers Exchange has a nice page that covers how to plant seeds of different vegetables, some of which should be ignored in our climate. Of real interest, however, is the quick guide to saving seeds.

I will see you all tomorrow rain or shine. Dress warmly!


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