09 January, 2009

Tools and Where To Get Them for Propagation

This knife is currently on sale on eBay - it is a vintage knife with the correct shape - it even has a thumb rest (the curved portion of the blade close the wooden case)! The wood case is gorgeous; one could be proud to possess a knife like this for life. This is a very classy knife and if I needed another knife... search for 'Vintage Solingen Grafting Knife.' You can find less expensive knifes that are just as useful, just don't get a 'cheap' knife.

These are suggestions of where you might find the tools you need at a good price, this is not an endorsement of one or the other. I have found good prices (with good service too) on eBay. It has also gone the other way. The choice is yours.


A.M. Leonard (AKA The Gardeners Edge) www.gardenersedge.com
The Felco Store, www.FelcoStore.com
Frost Proof (good prices) www.frostproof.com
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply www.groworganic.com
Lee Valley Tools www.leevalley.com
Kinsman and Company www.kinsman.com


Felco #8 (#9 for left handed folks)
Felco #6, if you have smaller hands
Felco #2 for a less expensive pruner
Corona Grape Shears are handy to have even with a pair of Felcos


I don’t have a brand preference, but I do like a knife that has the slight extension on the back of the blade as a bark slipping tool. Swiss Army Knives make a good inexpensive one. You can find some beautiful antique grafting knives on eBay every so often for a good price (see photo above). There are some new grafting knives on eBay (orange plastic body) that are not acceptable – they are sharp and can be used, but the blade locking is not sufficient and therefore they are extremely unsafe. Most folks get a cut sooner or later, no need to invite trouble.

In addition, when grafting, you’ll need several other supplies – like grafting rubbers, or wax or other supplies depending on the type of grafting you want to do; for the course, these are supplied.

Also, please attend each meeting with a wooden pencil and a Sharpie of your own.

Bring your tools to every class meeting.

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