27 April, 2009

Field Trip 02 May 2009, 1 PM To Ocean View Farms

From their Website:
OVF is located at the intersection of Rose Avenue and Centinela in the community of Mar Vista, West Los Angeles, Over 500 garden plots and flower gardens occupy six acres of sunny, west facing, sloping land on the east side of Centinla opposite Santa Monica Airport. We share this hilltop location and parking with the very active North Venice Little League Baseball teams, making it a lively destination for devoted gardeners and sports enthusiasts alike.

After playing hide 'n' seek with city officials, I finally nailed it down: They are not willing to have us there for our field trip - which leaves us going to Ocean View Farms and their composting process.

Please note that this isn't just a consolation prize! It will be a different experience - while the original field trip was to see the big machines that turn our green can waste into compost, which would be very impressive, this trip will show us what a few dedicated community gardeners can do when left to their own devices and are allowed to compost at will. In this trip, the first bonus will be that some of their methods can be transferred to your life directly. The second bonus will be the chance to see a really lovely, working community garden, one of the largest in the country, and, should we finish early, the third bonus would be for us to hustle on over to The Learning Garden and see how WE compost as well.

Besides, Sunland at 1:00 PM is hotter than Hades and on THIS field trip, we'll all be as cool as politicians with parasols.

Driving directions are at the Ocean View Farms website; it is very conveniently located south of the 10 Freeway and west from the 405. The view, on a clear day, is spectacular.


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