31 March, 2011

Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA)

The Seed Library of Los Angeles meeting of a few months ago, David King presides.
The Seed Library of Los Angeles has monthly meetings.  The membership has control over how we spend our money and makes all major decisions.  In addition to tending to this business, the Best Practices Committee presents a 15 minute lecture on saving seeds and answers questions on saving and storing seed for everyone, usually of a time sensitive nature, as in 'this is how you plant tomatoes to save seeds...' comes around right around the time one plants tomoatoes.

We are looking for some entertainment to present at each meeting - singer/songwriter or some folk/country music to add to the festivities!  Each meeting also has a seed swap among members and visitors. 

Our next meeting, April 17th, will be held at The Learning Garden, located on the campus of Venice High School at the corner of Venice Blvd and Walgrove Avenue (yes, you can search for an intersection on Google) - our entrance is on Walgrove Avenue, the east (away from the ocean) side of the street. 

Our meeting will begin at 2:30 and we hope to have a little seed swap or some kind of fun after we get the business out of our way.  Contact us for more information as needed.  

This is a very exciting opportunity for anyone concerned about the safety of our seed supply and our society's ability to feed everyone in the coming years. Please come and contribute your energy and creativity to launching this important initiative.

We schedule the following meeting at each meeting.  We haven't decided on a set day of the month to have our meetings. 


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