22 March, 2014

The Times They Are A-changing

Regular followers will have noticed a severe drop off in new posts over the last several months.  This blog is not being abandoned, but there are some changes taking place that affect the nature and purpose of this blog and, while trying to discern what this blog will soon come to look like, I've slacked off.  

The book, Growing Food In Southern California, is moving forward and will be soon sent off to the final proofing (gulp).  Most of the book has appeared here in one form or another and it seems to me that if I hope for folks to buy the book and finance my high and wild lifestyle (that's a joke), it would be prudent to not give it away for free.  

So what does the blog become?  An ad for the book?  Something more?  Something less?  Photos of Tre'? 
A gratuitous photo of the dog, notice the containers
with plants in them, ergo garden related.
 It needs to be relevant and it needs to generate value for you, the reader.   So I am willing to take your suggestions.  I am thinking a pest of the week series, plant of the week series, garden snafu series, a lot of current events in the garden - a snippet of the gardening year through my eyes.  Definitely shorter posts!  The longer posts were always derided as TOO LONG as the 'proper' blog post is supposed to be 500 words or less.  I was clocking in at 3 to 4000 words a post.  

So look for more and shorter posts, more photos and hopefully more content that is usable right now!  

And thank all of you for being my readers!  Write me questions or just pat me on the back - it really helps to know my words are actually being read.

Mr. Lincoln?  I don't know, but I do love it!
And speaking of red, here's the first rose of the year for me, probably a Mr. Lincoln but I'm not sure.  This plant is a cutting from a cutting I made in 2002 - the first rose I grew from a cutting.  Very proud to have continued the life of a rose that was in the way of construction at UCLA.



  1. Glad to read your posts, David!! YOu'll come up with some good content I'm sure.

  2. David!~ Keep doing what you do dude!~
    Don't ever stop Mr. King Thank you for your continuous devotion and love!~
    That's the stuff that makes this world go round!