13 April, 2014

Links To Owen Dell's Articles on Sustainable Gardening

Owen Dell

When I first started teaching sustainability in gardening, these two articles were the most profound thinking I had read on the subject at that time.  I am grateful to have had these in my head for the past five or six years and I am happy to share them with you.

The following links give you the material I used for the last part of our first class.  All of what I worked from was in the second link, but the first link provides an excellent introduction to the meatier second.

This first link, provides some background leading up to where we are today.  This second link, Imagining a Better Garden gives you the meat and potatoes of what I was addressing.  



  1. Thank you, David, for posting the links and for sharing these now old but still useful articles. Much has changed, mostly for the better, in landscaping since 1998, but we still have a long way to go. Persevere!

  2. Thank you, Owen. I'm very pleased I can promote your work. These articles have opened many eyes as my first lecture in a UCLA Extension class called "Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice." I am privileged to teach with Orchid Black who has also great respect for you work. We shall persevere - and if any place needed to get serious about sustainability, it is the Los Angeles basin! (I got to be the technical editor for Organic Dummies for Gardeners 2nd Ed.)