29 May, 2014

Let There Be Ice Cream and Let It Begin With Me!

Homemade rhubarb pie and homemade
vanilla ice cream

You remember having pie and ice cream last year, right?  Remember how you savored each bite and being a part of the chorus extolling affection and love for the people who brought this wonderful 4th of July party to your tastebuds?  

Guess what?

YOU can be one of the folks being praised by happy ice cream eaters this coming 4th of July!  We are looking for a few good people who can read a recipe and help us make some of this delicious ice cream during the month of June. The Learning Garden will provide the ingredients (and the recipes too!) and we have the freezer space to store the ice cream.  You just follow the steps and viola!  You get to be one of the makers people will laud on this coming July 4th.  

Interested?  Please send a response to Wendy Temple.  j

And mark your calendars to be at the Learning Garden in the afternoon of July 4th this year for our 7th Annual Ice Cream Social!  

You know it's good!


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