23 July, 2015

Container Gardening!

From the whimsical to the formal, we'll
cover different styles and different planting pallets.  
Starting this coming Tuesday (July 28th), I'll be teaching a container gardening class at The Learning Garden for UCLA Extension.  It's only a six meeting class, 6:30 to 9:30 at the garden (on the campus of Venice High School) and is a great introduction to the art and science of container gardening. We cover all the different materials containers can be made of, go over plant choices for many different kinds of gardening and designs for different lifestyles and decor.  

Whether you want to make the entrance to your home or your balcony a new "happy spot" in your life, or you want to feel more confident in your choices for other people, this is a great starting (or restarting) spot for you.  

If you have tried containers and failed, your questions will be answered.   We cover soils and the science of soils in containers - what to do and what to not do with soil, drainage, attaching to drip systems and all those other noodgy technologies to integrate into a whole for a great container garden.  

As usual, the same up beat, engaging instructor at your service.  Guaranteed to keep you off the streets 6;30 to 9:30 PM Tuesdays for a couple of weeks.  


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