18 August, 2015

The Three Remaining Meetings of the Summer's Container Gardening Class Are:

as follows, 

08-22 4 1:30 to 4:30 PM Field Trip Pottery Manufacturing and Distributing, 18881 S. Hoover Street, Gardena, CA 90248 Phone: 310.323.7772

08-25 5 Lecture: California Natives in Pots; demonstration

09-01 6 Container maintenance, renovation, pests and problems, year round interest; Credit project is due

This Tuesday, there is no meeting (18 August) but we will gather at Pottery and Manufacturing and Distributing.

Here is a map for your convenience:  

I drive south on the 405 to Artesia Blvd and exit for eastbound.  The last light before it turns into the Artesia Freeway is Normandy where I make a right.  Make a left at the traffic light at 182nd Street, the Home Depot is there and I drive by it, turning right at the stop sign just past the Home Depot. Now I head south on Hoover and it looks for all the world like I'm getting back on the freeway, but, after the school buses on the right, I'm there.  

Keep my number handy if you get lost.  It's a little obscure to find, but not difficult.


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