23 June, 2016

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Care and Feeding of Garden Tools

There are ads in gardening magazines proclaiming the next MUST HAVE garden tool, some of which are quite expensive. What do you really need to garden? What is the most effective way to use them? What can you do to make them easier to use? How do you make your tools last longer?
David with a Double Digger or Broadfork;
we'll cover this and everything up to it!

Self-proclaimed “lazy person,” David King knows that tools can make your gardening easier and more fun. He also knows which tools work and which are just a sales gimmick. He knows how to keep tools ready to be used for a very long time and he knows how to keep them sharp so they are easier to use. You'll learn all this plus a tool sharpening clinic.

Don't worry, we'll also cover what to do in your garden in July and we'll talk about keeping your wonderful garden alive and growing through the summer in Los Angeles. Your gardening questions answered and as usual, some kind of take-home gift for our July attendees.

Still only twenty bucks and worth twice that every time! No reservations required – you can use PayPal to pay in advance. Cash or check at the gate works too.

When:  10 to Noon, July 2nd 
Where:  The Learning Garden, Venice High School, enter at our Walgrove Gate
Who:  Experienced gardeners (good and bad), beginning gardeners and wanna be gardeners. And people who have gardening questions.
What: 2 hours of the most enthusiastic, fun, garden talk this side of the state, with insights gleaned from 50 years or so of doing a lot of things wrong.


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