15 June, 2017

Orchid Black and David King Offering Greener Gardens This Summer at UCLA

Instructors Orchid Black and David King, offering
Greener Gardens This Summer

Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice will start this Tuesday evening, June 29 and runs through August 24.  This class is one of the elective classes for the Gardening and Horticulture Certificate Program and the Sustainability Certificate Program.  

Orchid and I have taught this course for several years at this point.  We are ever astounded at the quality of our students and their willingness to approach a different way of looking at our everyday life and how our gardens are a point of impact on the world.  Every action we take in our lives aligns our lifestyle with sustainability or lack thereof.  What can we change as individuals to live a less impactful life and in what way do we compromise?  How can we, in this year of abundant rainfall make changes and improve our immediate surroundings - and what should we look for in governmental policy to make sufficient changes in the Nation's approach to global warming.  Instead of a year to relax, we see our work is ever more important and urgent in the face of mass-denial.

This is not the definitive course on being sustainable, but it does impact the way we act in our immediate environment and with our food.  Students have told us, this course features more than just a few aha moments!  

Meeting in 321 Botany Building on UCLA Campus this quarter and now that we are at the end of our historic drought, many folks are thinking "business as usual," but from our perspective as instructors, this is the very best time to look at some of the issues that we can change without feeling like we are under the gun to HAVE to change.

Enrollment data includes:  Greener Gardens: Sustainable Garden Practice   6/29/2017 -- 8/24/2017    BIOLGY    X 498.10   Reg#:  354809  12 mtgs  6:30 to 9:30 PM


14 June, 2017

Seed Saving Workshop!

Hosted by The Learning Garden and the Seed Libarary of Los Angeles, with Author David King, we are pleased to offer a Seed Saving Workshop on June 25th, 1:30 to 4:30 PM in the garden with plants in various stages of seed production.

David King checks broccoli plans for seed set in
The Learning Garden

With humor and down to earth pragmatic experience, King can show you very practical steps what you need to know and do to save seeds of all your favorite food garden plants.  With this understanding, you can easily exstrapolate this information to use in collecting herbs and wild crafting plans. 

Please note, the workshop is filling up fast  - at only $20 and with a very popular instructor, don't wait long!  

NEWSFLASH: Our Seed Saving Workshop on June 25th IS CLOSE TO FILLING UP - EMAIL grandy133@verizon.net TO SECURE YOUR SPACE ASAP!!

Expand your garden appreciation by learning how to save seeds, this workshop on June 25, 1:30 to 4:30 PM at The Learning Garden (on the campus of Venice High School) features the founding Chair of the Seed Library of Los Angeles taking participants on a journey through the fascinating world of seeds and the wonderful diversity - how to save them from year to year and the call to be a seed steward for these valuable sources of food! Become a person who restores the Ark of Taste and not just one who eats those foods! With humor and inspiration, be a part of this revolution in our food chain!