15 March, 2018

Seed Saving Resources

Because it's easier to find URLs online rather than typing them in, for my Intermediate Seed Saving Class for the City of Santa Monica on March 17th, I gave everyone THIS URL wherein to list the OTHER URLs.  

Seed Saving Resources on the Web: 

First, a word of caution:  ALL of these sites are written for climates that differ remarkably from our own.  We are a Mediterranean Climate, which means our climate resembles Rome and Athens much more than it does the rest of the United States. Refer to local seed savers when discussing time of year when to plant and harvest as it is not at all the same as these sites would have you believe.  Remember that as you glean all the other goodness these people have to say about seed saving. Also, this blog has a good deal of seasonal information that will prove helpful.  

https://seedalliance.org/all-publications/ This is the link directly to their publications page, but the whole site is worth exploring.  The number one book I use is from them.  Before you become too enamored with all they offer, on the left hand side, check "How To Guide" and then "Seed Saving" and you'll be able to download this 37 page guide. With this and a few add ons, you'll be set to start saving seeds. Once you've done that, go back and see what all they offer!

https://www.seedsavers.org/search  I have been a member of Seed Savers Exchange for almost 20 years. Of all the seed saving organizations in the US, this the oldest and the most venerated.  Clicking into "Search" you'll find some resources.  And get a membership while you're there.  We support Seed Savers Exchange. Our Crop-Specific Seed Saving Guide came from here.  

This is a go to "Isolation Distances" guide.  It's written for Mid-Atlantic and Southern US, but a mile here is a mile there and I use this as a starting point for the discussion. 

http://www.savingourseeds.org/publications.html  The above publication helped me find this site - lots of good information to love and treasure here.  

https://slola.blogspot.com/  For some local seed saving news, this is the blog I maintain for the Seed Library of Los Angeles  - also, check out SlOLA.org - we are updating the web site now (ever so slowly - we are all volunteers with real lives outside of our seed-saving) and soon should have a genuine excellent resource guide that will honestly get you hooked on seed saving and knowing how to do it!

In addition, for other info:  Open Source Seed Initiative 

Other Resources, Books: 

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening: A Master's Guide to Planting, Seed Saving, and Cultural History,Weaver, William Woys ©1997, Henry Holt It is now out of print and getting a copy can be hellish (NEWSFLASH: IT IS BACK IN PRINT!!!) It is a wonderful book that needs to be put back in print because the research he put into the book makes this to be the most informative books on heirloom vegetables that has ever been published. Mother Earth News has the entire book on a CD – you can find it on their website – of course that's not a book, but you will have the data.

A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers, Organic Seed Alliance © 2010 OSA This publication is a free download from organicseedalliance.org. It is a succinct guide with few frills but a great deal of good data. A free publication that is worth paying for! Organic Seed Alliance is a non-profit relying on contributions to fight the invasion of hybrids and GMO seeds in our lives. I suggest throwing a donation their way as they deserve it.

Breed Your Won Vegetable Varieties, Deppe, Carol © 2000, Chelsea Green Publishing The subtitle gets more to our point: The Gardeners' and Farmers Guide to Plant Breeding and Seed Saving, I had bought this book about three years ago and, for whatever reason, I ignored it. In preparing to teach seed saving one more time,, the subtitle pulled me in: Suddenly, it was a different book. She is very, very funny and her stories of seed saving are heart warming; I felt I had met a kindred spirit – I want to drive to Oregon and 'shoot the compost' about seeds over a brew or tea or whatever she's having. 


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