25 May, 2018

What To Do In The SoCal Garden, Saturday, June 2!

I teach a monthly garden class at The Learning Garden, on the campus of Venice High School, the first Saturday of every month, 10 to noon.  We actually meet in the garden to talk about gardening, so you get to see first hand my mistakes and my triumphs. I'm always experimenting with different plants and ways to increase the harvest or make my life easier.  While gardening is an art as much as any art in a museum, it is never definitively done - we never get to hang it on the wall.

Garbanzo beans 'on the hoof' ready for harvesting and threshing!
We'll talk a little about this workhorse of a plant and get into some
better watering habits!

In a way, it's that undefined time in the future that makes gardening such a vibrant art form - beyond getting to eat your finished project - if the bugs and weather have cooperated with you. There are so many things out of your control - but we do eat!  We have successful gardens!  I'll show you my experience of over 50 years of gardening and you can benefit from my failures! 

June is one of the best months for gardens in Southern California! Warm, but not too hot, makes June the perfect month to finish getting your summer garden in - if you haven't already. I'm harvesting the last of my winter crops, which opens up a lot more planting space for even more summer crops. Harvesting garbanzos, garlic and other crops, makes space for more peppers, okra, tomatoes and beans! We are doing both; harvesting and planting! And ideas on what to do with all this harvest!  

We do it all - 10 to noon, June 2nd - at The Learning Garden (enter from Walgrove Avenue on the west side of campus).  $20 at the door or $20 prepaid with PayPal.  Your money refunded if unsatisfactory - although I've yet to see any unsatisfactory money!  It's a steal and usually you go home with either seeds or plants - sometimes both!  


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