14 February, 2019

First Time Offering: The SPRING Urban Food Production UCLA Extension Class!

It's been a year since I've taught at UCLA Extension, but now we have a course scheduled for this coming Spring Quarter! 

This is a new and different course with an old name. When I first began to teach Urban Food Production many years ago, it was a Fall Quarter class, but I envisioned the same class taught in Spring because that's how gardening rolls in the Mediterranean Climate of Los Angeles - we garden year round, the two big planting times are Fall and Spring. Finally, I now have the chance to teach that class - in Spring! I'm very excited about what we'll get to cover. 

Instructor with instructor's portable desk.

Students who have had Urban Food Production in Fall, will find very little overlap between the Spring and Fall classes - there will be some overlap, but on the whole this is a different course. We will do a light touch on soil - which was in the Fall class, but we'll show different aspects of soil science too. In Fall, we discussed chickens, so instead of chickens, we will look at some other livestock -  in keeping with our Urban Food Production concept.

The Spring planting palette is different and we'll use different techniques for these plants, plus we'll look beyond what we can do in a short class and find perennial truths that are guides for good gardening on through the years. 

You can enroll in Urban Food Production at this link.  I look forward to seeing you in class! You can respond to this post for more information if you wish. 


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