28 June, 2019

Introduction to Seed Saving Course Offered

These seeds were just given to me. I'm calling them a Brown Seeded Runner Bean. These are
the largest runner bean seeds I have ever seen. Definitely will grow them out and try to get them
into the seed library next year! 

If someone gave you some beautiful seeds, what would you do with them? You  probably would want to grow them out and share them! But how do you know they'll be good seeds, that they'll reproduce like the wonderful beans in the photos? I'm glad you asked and the answer is better than blowing in the wind!   

This July 14th, 1:30 to 4:30, I'll be teaching an Introduction to Seed Saving class at The Learning Garden! How about that? This class gets you into saving those that are the easiest to save, but introduces you to principals that can be applied to other seeds that aren't so easy. This class will feature handouts that will be major resource for you no matter what you seeds you want to save! 

Contact The Learning Garden or David King (310.722.3656 or greenteach@gmail.com) to reserve your spot and handouts! Our usual trademark of answering your questions and entertaining presentation will be there. 

We'll have cold water and snacks on hand and we'll work outside weather permitting! Remember, the Garden is pretty close to the ocean and will be cooler than wherever you are in LA. 

Cost for the seminar and packet is $20. 

See you at The Learning Garden! 

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