30 July, 2019

This Saturday: Growing Food in Southern California!

Outstanding in his field.
Gardenmaster David King 
Yup, it's the first Saturday of the month, which means 10 to noon, David King offers his monthly 2 hour class, Growing Food In Southern California - that's the real title, but most of us call it What To Do And When To Do It because that is the crux of the class. 

We have several different approaches this Saturday, mainly revolving around doing things that don't require a lot of effort when the thermometer is up towards the top of the gauge. A general workshop on sowing seeds of different sizes and a list of what you can plant now and strategies to help them survive. 

All this and some free seeds (some real gems too!) and your questions answered! Still only $20 at the gate - enter at the little pedestrian gate on Walgrove that says "Enter." We are clever that way!  

See you there! 


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