01 October, 2019

October Can Be Busy In The Garden!

The rest of the country is talking about putting perennials "to bed" and in our gardens we are madly planting all the cool season plants we love so much - garlic and all those wonderful alliums, and all the cabbage/broccoli family members as well as garbanzos and loads of other delicious food!

Do be weather wise!  While this is our cool season, it can still pack awfully hot days! How do you deal with that kind of a change? We've got this solved in a dynamite way that increases food production in the garden without a lot of extra effort. October we will focus on composting as one of our principles and an introduction to some of the science of gardening - all in a form that won't have you trying to stay awake!

Bring your questions and twenty bucks and you'll go home smarter with less tension cause you'll be more prepared for October in the Garden!

In the Garden this Saturday, October 5th, 10 to Noon, in our garden classroom - enter off Walgrove.  Come in layers of clothes for optimum comfort this close to the ocean!

See you there!


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