27 February, 2020

Tomatomania 2020!

Tomato season is approaching. Rapidly. Nothing moves faster than the advent of Summer - it's three months away and the next time you look at the calendar, Summer will officially start tomorrow. 

That's one of the reasons Tomatomania is so cool! 

But you say, "I followed what you told me to do and I am growing tomatoes. Why should I go to a sale of tomato plants?" Did you say you are "growing all the tomatoes you want?" Nope. I don't believe so, because no one EVER has enough tomatoes! 

And, to seal the deal, Tomatomania has varieties you cannot believe even exist! Besides, Tomatomania has that "Old Time Fair" feel. So,yes, it's in Spring, which makes it really different from the Fair, but it's as much fun and you will find some varieties you can't go home without, thus completing the rites of Spring of too many plants to brag about to your neighbor (tho some of us call it complaining, you know what I mean)! 

But wait! There's more! I'll be there. Speaking! (As if I ever don't speak...) I'm not the only speaker - there are many wonderful people to learn from at these events, I'm in this batch, MARCH 13-15  Tapia Brothers, Encino • 5251 Hayvenhurst Ave, Encino, CA 91436 • 818.905.6155. Clicking on this date, will show you the calendar for all of this year's Tomatomania! 

And, there is also a Tomatomania book - if you buy it there, you can probably get it autographed! 

I'm speaking on March 13 (Friday...) in the 3 to 4 slot and on March 15, Sunday, I'll be on 2 to 3. 

I hope you can come on out and say hey at either or both events! This is an amazing offering of  a massive amount of diversity - which is one of the tenets of a strong and viable garden in which we live. Diversity is strength.  

See you on the 13th and/or the15th! Let's plant a different kind of tomato this year! 

                                                   Events for this coming season: 

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