22 February, 2020

What To Do And When To Do It, March 2020

March is the month we delve into soil and what we need to make a good garden. Without all the hubbub and technical talk, we'll explore the soils we have in our gardens – there are few inherently bad soils. Most soils can be made garden worthy with a little help and attention.

No work is done, unitl the paper work is
done. Grateful to have help in finishing up. 

We'll also show you why you cannot depend on garden books from Europe and the US East Coast. Also I want to help you take a hard look at the coming summer garden which is going to be here in short order, whether we are ready or not! It's a good time of the year to be a gardener, but take a break to learn a few new things that will make your garden better! 

And, as always, your questions answered!

It's the same scheme, still only $20 (cash, check or PayPal), 10 to noon at The Learning Garden on the Venice High School campus, enter through the Walgrove gate.


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