24 March, 2020

Shampoo: Bar-Some!

Perhaps this might seem a little off-topic, but I would disagree. A part of being steward of the Earth, by which I mean 'a gardener,' involves us being a little more conscience in our choices of how live.

I think it was at a Trader Joe's where I found a bar of shampoo soap. I thought it was pretty nifty idea, so I bought it. But my hair felt more like a motorcycle helmet than hair and made me crazy! In the meantime, I had realized that having a bar of shampoo was very much in keeping with what I want my lifestyle to look like and I was willing to search out what I felt was the best for me. I did diligent searches for over two months (in my spare time, ok?) and discovered this:

They have their own dot com (www.ghsoap.com), but I ordered from them through eBay because that's where I first found it.

The ingredient list is a challenge with a wide variety of ingredients (as you can see above!), but makes a delightful lather and the only trash involved is the simple brown paper wrapper, which can be composted, meaning it isn't trash, it's food for more compost!

Whether you try this shampoo bar or another one, you'll be keeping our Earth free of yet another plastic bottle!

Since we are all on COVID 19 shut down, I'll get out a couple of posts as soon as I adapt to my new routine. If you have special questions, you can ask them (below) and I'll address them if I know the answer or have a good story to tell about whatever you asked.

Thanks for reading...!


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