17 May, 2022

A King's Vision of a Greek Salad

It might be a bit early to think of the tomato harvest, and my admonitions to... but shucks! Those ripe and delicious tomatoes and cucumbers sing the early summer songs and I drift away with visions of previous Summers blessed with these delicious. This recipe (not really a recipe in the strictest of ways), is a part of Summers since childhood. 

Close to equal amounts of fresh tomatoes and fresh cucumbers. Do not slice neatly, but quickly and crudely chunk them into more or less bite sized pieces. I will be using San Marzano tomatoes and Armenian cucumbers for most of these this year. I love it! Greek salad with Italian tomatoes and Armenian cukes! Life in America.

Besides cukes and tomatoes, you will need a bit of everything below – keep them on hand throughout the summer and you'll be grateful more than once.

Olive oil – enough to generously coat each bite, not so much as to float anything

Pepper to taste

Small slices of red onion for a some zing (the Italian 'Torpedo,' or Tropea onions are one of my favorites) – the zing really brings out the lusciousness of everything else. The onions should not be the main attraction.

Crushed dried oregano (I like the Greek oregano)

Homemade or a really good store bought feta cheese also cut into chunks.

Mix them all together with laughter; the actual order things are placed in the bowl is not all that important, it's a forgetful, or disorderly, cook's dream!

Serve with:

Homemade bread yummmm – homemade bread!

Herb tea or lemonade

Good friends...

Change it up as availability of ingredients dictates.

Eat till you're full then take a nap in dappled sunshine!

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Enjoy this summer all the more!

David King


Enjoy this summer!

David King


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