08 December, 2022

 Hello one and all - we have a new phone number at the garden for SLOLA!   And the same number for The Learning Garden:


I had the last phone number for over 20 years and I can't believe I've been on one phone number for so long - and back then I didn't want to get a mobile phone because it "changed the number." It turned out a mobile number is changed more often than the "old style." Que the new style - let's hope it stays "ours" for a very long time. I'm looking for a new photo to put up and some other stuff to make it much more stable and to get more regular posts for folks to get a better sense of what we we here. 

Got two new chapters in the stew and hope to have at least one of them to you before Christmas (ho ho oh...) 

Happy holidays to one and all. I hope to get a recap for the year - this has been a year of change, mostly for the good and a new paradigm. You can just now see the fruits of our work and we'd love to show you a life in the garden. 

Dress dirty. Bring gloves. Also bring water!*

Happy 2023, any minute now! 


The Gardenmaster

* Stay hydrated!! Happy New Year!!!

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